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Tom Arnold

Tom Arnold:  After developing one of the first micro-computer based EDR and Pore Pressure detection systems used in the Gulf of Mexico in the late 1907s, he continued to develop other real-time software applications for the drilling industry including remote satellite data transmission. Later while working for The Superior Oil Company, he introduced the integration of petrophysical and mudlog analysis for formation evaluation, a technique that yielded immediate results in increasing petroleum production. Working for Bariod/Sperry Sun, he developed software for both their surface logging and MWD systems, one of the first systems to employ remote real-time logging. During the mid 1980s, Tom created Drilling Data Systems in Plano, Texas to provide advanced logging systems and services to the drilling industry. While CEO there, he was instrumental in the development and deployment of Infra-Red gas detection into the logging industry, along with some of the other advanced techniques listed in this paper. Previously within the leadership team at Paladin Geological Services, his focus was divided between training, geosteering, product enhancement and founding the GEOGAP petroleum training service. Tom has a BS degree in Geology and Astrophysics from the University of Texas Pan American.


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