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  • Name: Timothy Oladapo Peterson
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Tim Peterson has 21 years work experience with Shell Petroleum Development Company spanning from geophysical analysis of subsurface data to predict and type hydrocarbon. He retired as one of the regional managers for IT in Shell Africa region in March, 2010. Tim is a proven leader and result-oriented manager with experience in oil and gas exploration, subsurface O&G field development and management of IT application portfolio and projects management. He had the opportunity of managing people from different cultural and geographical settings around the world, working for four and half years in Shell Netherlands on a cross-positioning assignment. He is a seasoned Quantitative Seismic Interpreter who has worked in Exploration and Petroleum Engineering functions predicting reservoir properties and hydrocarbon accumulations away from well bore and in green field. Tim is a team player who led an integrated subsurface review team in support of Field Development Plans for both oil and gas fields. He has experience in managing IT at the Global scale for Shell Africa. Tim also worked as a mathematics teacher for 10 years before joining Shell, gaining experience as a tertiary school teacher and as lecturer in Complex Mathematical Analysis in the Military University in Kaduna State, Nigeria.


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