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  • Name: Dr. Junaid Sadeque
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Junaid Sadeque brings more than 10 years of working experience as a Geologist in the Oil & Gas industry.  His doctorate at UT Dallas with Dr. Janok Bhattacharya focused on the shallow marine rocks of the Upper Cretaceous Wall Creek Member of the Frontier Formation, Powder River basin, Wyoming. In his professional career he worked extensively in numerous domestic and international basins which include the West African shelf (Nigeria & Angola), Powder River, San Joaquin Valley, Viking Graben, and Surma in Bangladesh as a Clastic Stratigrapher of Chevron. Dr. Sadeque also has a proven track record of teaching, structured mentoring, technical writing and developing training manuals. In recent years, as a visiting Subject Matter Expert (SME), he championed the ‘Nigerian Stratigraphic Initiative’ of Chevron and helped them characterize their shallow marine joint venture assets through regular project work, formal training and informal mentoring. Over the years he taught many classroom, lab and field courses for G & G professionals both locally and internationally. Applied Stratigraphic Concepts, Advanced Shallow Marine Stratigraphy, Basic Core Description Techniques, Basic WellCAD and the Arkansas Field School for Shallow & Deepwater Stratigraphy are some of his recently taught popular professional courses.


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