Dr. Bertram Ozumba




  • Name: Dr. Bertram Ozumba
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Dr. Bertram Ozumba Currently on early retirement after rising to the position of head of Geological Services in Shell Petroleum Development Company of Nigeria Ltd, Berti is a well known philanthropist and a seasoned geoscientist with strong technical background, broad experience and leadership roles in exploration geology. He has extensive expose and experience to a broad range of multicultural working environments for which he has positively adapted. During the course of his career in Shell he has been cross posted three times to other countries some for broadening assignments while others as Specialist Geologist to make contributions to Shell’s Regional Geological Evaluations in the United States and Netherlands. He has published several scholarly papers in international and local journals and has served as editors of some of these journals especially in his core areas of Biostratigraphy, Regional Geology and Trap Integrity Analysis. His paper on the Chronostratigraphy of the Niger Delta paved way for the application of Sequence Stratigraphy in exploration and field development in the Niger Delta basin.



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