Jun, 30 2017



Geological science is in the foundation of our business.
DPI geological exploration and development services include:


  • Prospect generation, screening and evaluation
  • Basin evaluation
  • Regional geologic studies
  • Trend Analysis
  • Field geology and mapping
  • Construction of all types of geologic maps (structure, porosity, fault, depositional, isochore, etc.)
  • Wellsite geology
  • Specialists in computer mapping
  • Three-dimensional reservoir analysis
  • Integrated structural horizon mapping
  • Integrated structural cross section construction
  • Integrated stratigraphic cross section construction
  • Detailed log correlations and analysis
  • Reservoir characterization
  • Core analysis interpretation – sidewall, whole core


  • Corporate portfolio evaluation
  • Prospect portfolio evaluation analysis
  • Prospect portfolio risk assessment
  • Third party independent review of exploration and development prospects
  • Application of Quick Look Techniques to evaluate prospects and risk factors
  • Evaluate methodology and philosophy used in prospect generation
  • Evaluate three-dimensional validity of prospect interpretations
  • Conduct risk profile and ranking for generated prospects (regional or global)
  • Evaluate workover and re-completion prospects including ranking and risk parameters
  • Dry hole or post mortem evaluation of drilled prospects


  • Generate integrated regional stratigraphic interpretations incorporating 2-D and 3-D seismic data with well log information and biostratigraphic controls.
  • Conduct localized and field level studies using structural and stratigraphic information based on the integration of data available such as well log, biostratigraphic control and core data with 2-D and/or 3-D seismic data.
  • Develop exploration strategies for individual system tracts in specific areas based on analysis of seismic facies indicators along with knowledge of local depositional history and structural overprint.
  • Sequence stratigraphic interpretation Seismic facies analysis to resolve reservoir potential in specific systems tracts
  • Develop integrated balanced cross sections depicting sequence stratigraphic relationships.
  • Detailed sequence stratigraphic systems tract mapping including Facies distributions.
  • Stratigraphic modeling
  • Risk assessment of reservoir and trap seal quality on a prospect level


  • Use of FAPS to undertake studies of prospect fault seal
  • Construction of Allen Sections to investigate across-fault reservoir communication
  • Analysis of fault displacement and geometry (throw, vertical separation, heave, etc.)
  • Fault Seal calibration with pressure data
  • Integration of FAPS into DPI’s other geologic and geophysical services
  • Fault correlation verification
  • Display modeled fault surfaces with detailed stratigraphy

Geophysical Services

DPI Geophysical Services (exploration and development) include:

  • Workstation applications: OpendTect, Paradigm Geolog, & Petrel.
  • Prospect generation, screening and evaluation
  • Synergistic multi-disciplinary field studies
  • 2-D/3-D workstation interpretation
  • Seismic stratigraphic analysis
  • 2-D seismic interpretation (paper sections)
  • Seismic and subsurface integration
  • Fault surface interpretation, analysis, and mapping
  • Structural-fault-horizon interpretation
  • Velocity analysis and modeling
  • Synthetic seismogram generation
  • 2-D modeling
  • Seismic attribute / AVO analysis
  • Fault seal analysis
  • Post mortem evaluation of drilled prospects
  • Pressure prediction from seismic data
  • Coherency cube analysis