Geological Services

At Danvic Petroleum International, Geological science is in the foundation of our business. DPI offers various geological exploration and development services

Integrated Subsurface Field Study Services

Geological science is in the foundation of our business.
DPI geological exploration and development services include:

Prospect generation, screening and evaluation
Basin evaluation
Regional geologic studies
Trend Analysis
Field geology and mapping
Construction of all types of geologic maps (structure, porosity, fault, depositional, isochore, etc.)
Wellsite geology
Specialists in computer mapping
Three-dimensional reservoir analysis
Integrated structural horizon mapping
Integrated structural cross section construction
Integrated stratigraphic cross section construction
Detailed log correlations and analysis
Reservoir characterization
Core analysis interpretation – sidewall, whole core

  • Generate integrated regional stratigraphic interpretations incorporating 2-D and 3-D seismic data with well log information and biostratigraphic control.
  • Conduct localized and field level studies using structural and stratigraphic information based on the integration of data available such as well log, biostratigraphic control and core data with 2-D and/or 3-D seismic data.
  • Develop exploration strategies for individual system tracts in specific areas based on analysis of seismic facies indicators along with knowledge of local depositional history and structural overprint.
  • Sequence stratigraphic interpretation in siliciclastic, carbonate and mixed depositional regimes.
  • Seismic facies analysis to resolve reservoir potential in specific systems tracts
  • Develop integrated balanced cross sections depicting sequence stratigraphic relationships.
  • Detailed sequence stratigrahic systems tract mapping including facies distributions.
  • Stratigraphic modeling
  • Risk assessment of reservoir and trap seal quality on a prospect level
  • Logging program design
  • Integrated formation evaluation (vertical and horizontal wells)
  • Probabilistic lithology and porosity modeling
  • Unconventional (shale gas / shale oil) analysis
  • Robust multi-well modeling
  • Fractured reservoir description and quantification
  • Capillary pressure and J-function fluid saturation modeling
  • Core analysis
  • Production log evaluation
  • Data services (digitizing, editing, conversion, normalization, archival)