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This course is designed to cover techniques to incorporate production data into high-resolution reservoir models using conventional and fast flow simulation techniques such as streamline models. Both assisted history matching and automatic history matching techniques will be covered and pros and cons of the methods will be discussed. The production data can be in the form of pressure transient test, tracer test, multiphase production history or interpreted 4-D seismic information. Field examples will be presented to illustrate the current state of the art and limitations. PC-based computer programs will be used to provide hands-on experience with the various techniques.


  • Day 1

History Matching – Overview and State of the Art

History Matching – Workflows

Review of Reservoir Simulation Equations

Reservoir Simulation: Background and Exercises

Day 2

Streamline Simulation: Overview

Streamlines: Mathematical Background

Streamlines: Applications

Streamline-based History Matching

Streamline: Exercises

Day 3

History Matching: Mathematical Background

History Matching: Practical Considerations

Assisted History Matching with Streamlines

Field Applications

History Matching: Exercises

Day 4

Global-Local Workflow

Multiscale History Matching with Grid Coarsening

Experimental Design and Surrogate Models

Exercise: Experimental Design

Case Study: History Matching and Well Placement Optimization

Case Study: Static Model Building for History Matching

Day 5

Upscaling for History Matching

History Matching: New Developments

Discussion and Wrap-up

Workshop Conclusions


Reservoir engineers, geoscientists, operating personnel, other actual or potential asset team members

Key Features

Location: Lagos

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History Matching and Reservoir Optimization (REHM)

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