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Reservoir Simulation Strategies (RERS)

This course is designed to give an introduction to the fundamental and practical ...
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Gas Well Deliquification – (POGW)

As gas wells deplete, the velocity in the tubing drops and eventually liquids ...
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About the School: Currently, Danvic Petroleum runs a six month Petroleum Geoscience School in Lagos, Nigeria. The school is designed for graduates and young professionals of geoscience and Petroleum Engineering background. The six (6) months course is divided into four (4) modules. Module one and two comprise general lectures and theory while module three involves practical sessions taught by practicing geoscientists and Engineers from the petroleum industry.

The final module is the industrial module where each student joins in a group and carries out a group project using industry based software in seismic interpretation, Petrophysics, reservoir modeling (Static and Dynamic), Production Optimization, Drilling Management etc. After this, all graduands are deployed to oil and gas industry for a minimum of six (6) or a maximum of twelve months (1 year) On the Job Training (OJT).

The school is designed to bridge the gap between the Nigerian university theory and the practical of the oil and gas industry. It is expected that participants would be industry ready after the programme.

The first batch of our Petroleum Geoscience School graduates has completed their intensive training in June 2017 and all deployed for twelve months (1 year) Internship with various oil and gas companies in Nigeria… Read More

GEOLOGICAL SERVICES: Danvic Petroleum has its roots in the geological sciences. We have carried out a lot of Geology services in Nigeria and with our Partners abroad. Danvic Petroleum’s staff and consultants have collectively screened, evaluated, and generated many exploration and development prospects in Nigeria and Africa. Read More

Why Danvic Training

  • Better Values: Our per-class cost is hundreds of dollars cheaper than other major competitors when comparing similar course descriptions.
  • Customized Training: We offer a comprehensive service whereby you are able to discuss your training requirements with a dedicated training expert who has the knowledge and the experience to design a custom made event that will completely meet your needs and objectives.
  • Hand Selected Trainers: Only the very best trainers will facilitate your event. Each of them have been hand selected based upon their skills and experience, their standing in the industry, the range of alternative delivery methods that they have and also on their ability to deliver compelling, vibrant, fun and effective courses.
  • Great Value for your Money: Our courses provides incredible value for money especially when you bear in mind that the cost includes: All of the preparation time required in order to gather your requirements and to get an understanding of your training needs. Read More

Recruitment and employment services which include supplying mid to high level oil and gas professionals and managing the entire operational process to ensure successful placement is one of Danvic’s strengths. With our global team and local office, we meet the challenging demands. Our support services also address all the essential requirements for successful international assignments; we also supply technical, operational and managerial professionals to the energy companies. We have extensive expertise locally and internationally. We further support the recruitment and selection needs by providing assistance with work order management. Read More

Danvic partners with tertiary institutions interested in equipping her students of geoscience and engineering with the practical knowledge of the theory being taught in the class room. This partnership enables Danvic or the school/students to choose from the pool of our available modules/ courses to be taught as short courses in the school. Read More

Danvic currently represent dGB Earth Sciences in Nigeria. dGB are the copyright owner of OpendTect seismic interpretation software. We are responsible for the sales and rendering of support services for this tool in Nigeria. We provide technical supports through proprietary case studies and software development projects. Our project geoscientists and software developers closely and frequently interact.

About the Software 

OpendTect started life as an open source seismic interpretation system back in 2003. It was in 2009, however, that the General Public License (GPL) was adopted and the system became truly open source. Since then the user base has grown exponentially. Downloaded over 140,000 times, OpendTect is today used by tens of thousands of of open source, academic and commercial users. Read More

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How important are certifications in the oil and gas industry?

The significance of certification varies widely depending on the type of job, level of experience required and/or organization

Do all oil companies pay well?

Oil companies generally provide attractive remunerations and other incentives but not all oil firms pay as much as expected. It depends on the nature of the company and also the level of experience of the employees

What are the various aspects of the oil and gas industry?

The oil industry is made up of three aspects – upstream, midstream and downstream. Most times, both the midstream and downstream are jointly referred to as downstream

What are the most sought-after disciplines in the oil industry?

The oil and gas industry is a very vast and requires a wide range of disciplines. Almost all the major disciplines are required in the sector